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Work Behavior Inventory

Audience and Use

The Work Behavior Inventory (WBI) is a state-of-the-art tool that assesses the work styles of job applicants and employees.  It gives your organization the capability to objectively assess people and match them to the specifications of positions. It is used for all types of employees, including:

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Professional & High-level Administrative Individual Contributors


The WBI helps address important issues related to:

  • Internal or External Candidate Assessment and Selection
  • Individual Assessment & Development
  • Personal Development & Coaching
  • Team Building & Team Effectiveness
  • Talent Management Early Identification of High Potentials and Leaders

Time Requirements and Languages

The WBI requires about 35 minutes to complete and may be completed in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Chinese, and Thai.

Relevant to Work Settings

The WBI has these key features of relevance to work settings:

  • Job Relevant—it is specifically designed to measure key personality traits relevant to the world of work; it can predict people who are likely to thrive or struggle to survive in a given position in a given work environment.
  • Wide range of jobs—it is appropriate for entry-level professional to senior executive individuals in any organizational setting.
  • Easy to complete—respondents indicate the extent to which behaviors are descriptive of themselves on a 5-point scale.
  • Highly sophisticated measures of Response Distortion—it identifies whether individuals are providing honest and accurate self-descriptions.
  • Norms—scores are in terms of percentile standing among a broad, international sample of Managers/Professionals or norms can be focused on a country or region.


Validation studies have proven the effectiveness of the WBI:

  • Measures Work Behaviors of applicants and employees in a reliable manner.
  • Optimizes the fit between people and position requirements specific to each organization.
  • Reduces cost of assessing internal or external candidates for opportunities.
  • Helps assure optimal quality, productivity and effectiveness of the workforce by increasing the confidence in the organization's talent assessment.

 Key Features

 The WBI has these key features:

  • Reliable—WBI scales have markedly higher reliabilities than typically found in personality tests (median reliability of .85 vs. a median of .75 for personality tests).
  • Valid & Legally Defensible—the WBI scales have been shown to be valid for measuring their underlying constructs.
  • Big Five—the WBI has 21 scales that are grouped according to research evidence on the “Big Five” personality factors.
  • Response Distortion Measures—it identifies individual assessments that may not be accurate for that candidate.
  • Linkage to O*NET Work Styles—it assesses the Work Styles that the U.S. Department of Labor has defined as important dimensions of job effectiveness in the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) system.
  • Emotional Intelligence—it provides a single, overall score of “Emotional Intelligence,” which Daniel Goleman (1998) indicates is related to success at work.
  • Companion Competency Requirements Analysis—an optional O*NET-based competency requirements questionnaire helps identify a job’s requirements for work styles.
  • Easy-to-Interpret Narrative Report—an easy-to-read narrative report is provided and we train WBI test administrators to readily interpret results.
  • Internet or paper-and-pencil—administration and scoring.